The Nikki Clarke Show

The Nikki Clark Show

Live at The Montreal Art Centre

Thursday December 17th 2015 7:00 PM

You are invited to attend a live taping of the Nikki Clark show in the Griffintown Room at The Montreal Art Centre. Be part of our live audience.

CALL FOR FREE TICKETS (514) 667 2270 

Or pick them up at the Montreal Art Centre 1844 William Street Montreal Quebec H3J 1R5 



Nikki Clarke founded the Nikki Clarke Network in May, 2014. The network is the answer for those looking for a 24 hour inspirational and informative online tv network. The network is a unique collaboration of content producers with uplifting and entertaining segments in the area of lifestyle, wellness, health, business, beauty, food and music.





Skipper Dean started his singing career with the group “The Fabulous Fascinations” performing in various local venues around Montreal. As his career progressed he found himself sharing the stage with many important performers including The Young Rascals, Herman’s Hermits, Ben E. King, and Garry U.S Bonds, The Avalons, Charles Aznavour, Johnny Farago, Ginette Reno, and Claude Valade. He was also a member of The Platters and traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, the South Pacific and Hawaii; performing with the legendary Don Ho. When it comes to entertainment, Skipper’s showmanship and his rapport with his audience really sets him apart from his contemporaries.



Billy Georgette is a Canadian jazz pianist. Georgette, who has lived most of his life in Montreal, Quebec, has been an important supporter and promoter of Jazz music in the city and has frequently provided support to musicians in many other genres. He occasionally appears at the Montreal Jazz Festival and is a regular performer at various venues in the city. Also an enthusiastic hockey historian, he was a founding member of the Society for International Hockey Research

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