The Nikki Clarke Show on August 25th




The Nikki Clark Show

Live at The Montreal Art Centre on
Thursday, August 25th 2016

You are invited to attend the live taping of the Nikki Clark show in the Griffintown Room at The Montreal Art Centre.


Mamoudou Camara

Michael Jackson impersonator

It was in West Africa that Mamoudou Camara began practicing the moonwalk.
A few years later, A mimic of Michael Jackson landed in Montreal.
A performance with the Montreal’s perpetuation of the King of Pop.


Michaelle Edoh

African designer, Glamour Ethnik Tendances

Nikki Clarke
Nikki founded the Nikki Clarke Network in May, 2014. The network is the answer for those looking for a 24 hour inspirational and informative online tv network. The network is a unique collaboration of content producers with uplifting and entertaining segments in the area of lifestyle, wellness, health, business, beauty, food and music.

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