The Nikki Clarke Show – February 2016

To watch the Nikki Clarke show of February 18th click here!


The Nikki Clark Show

Live at The Montreal Art Centre in 2016

Thursday February 18th 2016 6:30 pm

You are invited to attend the live taping of the Nikki Clark show in the Griffintown Room at The Montreal Art Centre.

Nikki Clarke founded the Nikki Clarke Network in May, 2014. The network is the answer for those looking for a 24 hour inspirational and informative online tv network. The network is a unique collaboration of content producers with uplifting and entertaining segments in the area of lifestyle, wellness, health, business, beauty, food and music.











Andrew Searles is one of Canada’s youngest headliners, performing coast to coast with no plans of slowing down.

His comedic approach about his ethnic upbringing, life and dating experiences, to his observations on topical issues will leave audiences roaring with laughter from the time he walks on stage until the time he leaves.

He has performed at comedy clubs in all of the major cities across Canada and festivals from the “Calgary Folk Festival” to the “Cracking Up The Capital” comedy festival in Ottawa, and filmed his first TV comedy special for iChannel’s “No Kidding”.

Andrew also serves as co-producer & co-creator of “The Underground Comedy Railroad” which features all-black Canadian comedians on a cross Canada tour which debuted in 2012, and the tour was featured on various media outlets in cities across Canada.

In 2013, Andrew produced his own headlining show “C’est Moi! C’est Chocolat!” to sold-out crowds and record setting sales. He returned to the Montreal stages in the fall of 2015 headlining his second headlining “C’est Moi! C’est Papa Chocolat!” once again to sold-out crowds.

Kristine Gravelle- Rystenbil– hand science analysist  and author of ” Ruby Red Shoes “

Gerald et Phillipe St-Georges owners of the Paradoxe Theater Montreal.

Be part of our live audience.

CALL FOR FREE TICKETS (514) 667 2270 

Or pick them up at the Montreal Art Centre 1844 William Street Montreal Quebec H3J 1R5 

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