Simple Connexion • Friday, May 19th • 8 PM

Simple Connexion is a cover artist / songwriter duo who, through groovy vibrations of pop, folk and soft-rock, seek to create that authentic connection with others than can only be found through music.

Claude was born and raised on Le Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec. At the age of 14 he retrieved a sleeping guitar from a shelf in his Father’s closet and then following a few turns of the needle on the White Album his musical journey began. Claude brings to Simple Connexion his steady strum on 6 and 12 string acoustic and his strong inventive harmonies.

Jyl inherited her musician Father’s love and genes for music. At a very early age she was introduced to the world of guitar strumming, country ballads, rockin swing with harmony, the blues, jamming and singing your heart out. Jyl is the lead vocalist of Simple Connexion and a multi-instrumentalist : guitar, flute, mandolin and ukulele.

Simple Connexion is the result of Jyl & Claude’s love of 60’s n’ 70’s pop, soft-rock and folk-rock and their years of playing, singing, learning and collaborating with each other and with others.

One of those collaborations has grown into a trio with guitarist and composer Jerzy Peter whose works ranges from Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop to Classical and Gospel. Jerzy brings his solid skills on electric guitar mastering those well known and loved solos on covers along with his colorful improvisation on Simple Connexion’s originals and his own compositions as well.

Either as a duo or trio the goal is always to offer a solid musical experience of heartfelt memories of groovy vibrations and shared authentic emotions: A Simple Connexion.


On Friday May 19th, they will be performing LIVE at the Montréal Art Center,

8 PM


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