Sculpture IV – Exhibition


Le Canal Gallery

October 2nd – 4th, 2015

11 – 17 h


October 1st, 2015

6 – 9 pm

PHYLLIS BLACK born in Montreal, has been a professional sculptor for over 35 years. She carves both abstract and representational pieces in alabaster, limestone, onyx, marble and bronze. She has had numerous solo and group exhibits. In 2003, The McCord Museum featured her sculptures. In 2011, she presented a commissioned sculpture to Michael Douglas, who was the treasured honoree, at the Head and Neck Cancer Fundraising event for McGill University’s Department of Otolaryngology. Phyllis is also a professional painter and folk artist. Her use of found objects and paint are brilliantly combined in her own unique and compelling style. Her work is truly an experience for the senses.


GILDA GLAZER has been sculpting for more than thirty-five years in both stone and bronze. She creates realistic as well as abstract carvings of many textures and shapes in onyx, marble and alabaster.  She follows the natural striations in the stone.  The subject matter usually relates to everyday life, children, sports, animals and nature more specifically flowers.  Her private commissions in bronze depict whimsical scenes and sports themes.  The stone sculptures can weigh from a few to hundreds of pounds.  She exhibited in many shows in North America and currently is represented by Galerie 2000 in Montreal, Quebec.


IRIS LEVINE, a native Montrealer, has been carving stone for over 20 years. She has stoked her passion for stone sculpting initially under the instruction of Edith Brodkin and later by professional artist, mentor and friend Phyllis Black. Iris’s works are a diverse representation of the abstract, the figurative and out of this world whimsical. But she admits that her inspiration can turn on a dime depending on how the stone responds. The results are always dramatic.



JERRY SALIS, from 1968-1972, worked with internationally renowned art teacher, Stanley Lewis. During this period he enjoyed working in limestone, marble and soapstone. Recently, Jerry has emerged as a mixed media artist featuring combinations of media such as wood, limestone, color, & texture. He often explores new techniques & combination of styles. His fascination with vintage objects of the 1930’s has greatly influenced his latest series, “The Golden Age of Travel and Flight.”


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