Client:Sonia Roseval
Date:January 23, 2017

Sonia Roseval

“Painting allows me to express my passion. It gives way for my freedom to express itself though pure emotion. I receive tremendous joy in discovering harmony and equilibrium in the compositions that I conceive. My inspirations come from the travels I do and have done around the world, in the beauty of nature that surrounds me and the people I meet along these journeys. I depict these emotions through the themes of the subjects and places that I choose, without trying to paint what I see but rather paint what I feel. Arranging my colors/shapes and forms with the emotions expressed within the moment.”

Sonia Roseval was born in Tunis in 1955, the daughter of a prominent scientist. During her childhood, Sonia expressed her love of drawing by doing portraits of family members. It is at this moment the she decides to take her love for painting to a professional level.

She becomes passionate over the architecture of Old Montreal and prepares her first exhibit in the 1980′s. During that exhibit she meets Francois Lortie an internationally renowned artist; he mentors her for eight years with the introduction of acrylic painting and the passion & vigor of the international market place.

In the early 1990′s she moves to Queens New York where she gained a heighted sense of inspiration, confidence & strength as an artist.

“The sole function of art is to discover beauty within and without”

~ Sri Chinmoy

She then travels to France to study the great French impressionist, Claude Monet. Her travels to Japan led her to the temples of Tokyo and Kyoto which in which shed embraced the teachings of the Buddha. The religious aspects of their culture and rituals captivate her. Whether it was Japan, China or Bali, Sonia drew energy from the everyday life of the people inhabiting these places.

In 1993, she took part in a voyage around the United States of America. She travelled through the vastness of America?s many natural wonders like Monuments Valley where she sat on the sand looking at the infinitely beautiful landscape, the mountains of Oregon, the Nebraska sand dunes and the Hopi lands of New Mexico. She harnessed this freedom to develop her eye for detail. The colors of the water running through the Grand Canyon, the colors of the mountains surrounding Las Vegas, the fields of farmland in Idaho and the beauty of the deserts in New Mexico captured her imagination forever.

She travelled to South Africa to capture the essence of their turbulent oceans. She studied the movement of the waves and contemplated the fathomless beauty of the deep blue African sky. Her travels brought her to Queensland Australia where the coast lines and the unique fauna inspired the dynamic strength of her brush strokes. The Eternal Vastness of the Bali rice fields inspired Sonia?s passion for detail. In China, Sonia discovers the sunsets of Qingdao which are renowned for their unparalleled beauty to captivate the imagination.

Paintings are in museums in America and in numerous private collections.

Sonia’s non-profit activities span organizations such as Centraide, and the U.N


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