Date:October 01, 2014

Maria-Eugenia Brisset

Maria Esguerra Brisset was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where she graduated in media communications and later worked as a documentary film editor. She has lived in Montreal for the past 36 years preceded by stays in Mexico City, England and Brazil. Her travels have also taken her throughout the world.

She has followed courses in drawing, oil painting and pottery at the Visual Arts Center in Montreal as well as private classes; and obtained a diploma in graphic design from Dawson College. Presently she is dedicated to painting with oil and acrylic, and having rented a studio at the Montreal Art Center has been able to direct her passion for the production of works of art into a self-fulfilling dream.

She views art as a vehicle for communicating at all levels, and paints what she feels by using vivid colours, movement and organic shapes. Painting for her is a process of creating new realities that enrich the mind and nourish the soul.

Her paintings can be seen at the Montreal Art Center where she has had two exhibits in the past year.


Exposition Au Carre- Mtl. Art Center      April 2016

Stewart Hall Art Gallery-Point Claire       November 2015

Montreal Athletic Association MAA          July 1 – 31 2015

Montreal Art Center                                        February 2015

Montreal Art Center                                        November 2014

Bogota, Colombia                                             December 2012


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