Date:October 01, 2014

Maria-Eugenia Brisset

My name is Maria -Eugenia Brisset and I was born  and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where I graduated in Media Communications and later worked as a documentary film editor. I have been living in Montreal for the past 36 years during which time have also lived in Mexico city, England and Brazil; as well as visited various countries and islands troughout the world. I have taken several courses in drawing, oil painting and pottery at The Visual Arts Center in Montreal as well as private classes. I attended Dawson College from 1998 till 1002 where I obtained a diploma in Graphic Design, and produced my own collection of greeting cards.  Presently I am dedicated to painting with oil, and having recently rented a studio at the Montreal Art Center finally got my passion for art production in the right track. I see the arts as a vehicule to communicate at all levels. I paint what I feel by using colour, shape and texture. Painting for me is a process of creating new realities that enrich the mind and nourish the soul.


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