Client:Janet Goldstein
Date:January 23, 2017

Janet Goldstein

Janet Goldstein is a local Montreal abstract artist. She has a BA in Translation from Concordia University and has been designing jewellery
from the age of 16. Inspired by her family she continues to express herself through painting and the use of acrylics and other mixed media. Janet’s works allow the chameleon in her to come out. Her canvases express her style and mood depending on the beat of what is happening  around her and in the world at that moment.
Janet is self-taught and unafraid to take chances by mixing acrylic and spray paints together. She adds depth and texture with pastes and gels, as well as miscellaneous metals, such as wire, beads or even nails. The canvas usually has a 3D concept pulling its viewer in even closer.  Her influences are motivated by the genius of Jackson Pollock, Joan Miro and Mark Rothko to name a few. Janet’s images are unique pieces designed to stir up different emotions and thoughts from her audience. Her art does not fit into a box which allows her to stay current, excited and passionate. “My canvas, like life tells a story, we will all experience it differently”.
She is currently working on her exhibit at the Montreal Art Centre. You may reach her by email at