Date:November 15, 2017

Astri Sefrina

I am an independent Graphic and Textiles artist. I am currently based in Montreal. Before my recent move to Canada I was working with designers and creative textiles makers in London. As a freelance graphic designer, I am handling several diverse local and international creative projects. It is such an ultimate pleasure to enjoy the process of making and creating. There is no limits in regards to being creative and I found myself delighted working with different people in the creative industry, in fact these experiences enrich my design pieces. With a burning passion in crafts, designs and lifestyles I’ve started to do leather craft recently and created a beautiful one of a kind hand cut and hand stitched leather bag as well as leather accessories. Nothing in my piece was made by a machine, this makes it a unique one off modern minimalist piece where every stitch was made with attention and dedication. Made from a sturdy and a careful selection of leather, my pieces are durable and perfect for every day use. Reach me at: