Mimi R. Blais • December 8, 2017 • 5-7 PM

A Celebration of the heritage of Black Music “The Rebirth of the King Scott Joplin” Born on 24 November 1868 and died on 1 April 1917 by The Queen Mimi R. Blais, French-Canadian ragtime pianist.

Mimi R. Blais
The Queen of Ragtime

with M.C. Moshe Guerrier
featuring youth pianist Jason Fabien

5 – 7 PM


Any donation wilL go to “CLUB ÉNERGIE Youth program” in Little Burgundy


December 8, 2017

Ragtime is FREEDOM! …
Ragtime music helped me to discover my own freedom as an artist

Brought to you by Moshe Guerrier

For Mimi Blais, ragtime music became a way to discover her many talents as an entertainer, story-teller, communicator, educator, actress and composer.

Classically trained, she started piano at age 7, then entered the Quebec City Conservatory of Music, earned a L.Mus, B.Mus in performance & Concert Diploma at McGill University in Montreal, where she now lives.

Whatever the style of music she chooses to play she receives unanimous praise from the public and the media; in Canada, in the United States, in Europe and more recently in Argentina. This gifted pianist, generous to a fault, causes laughter and tears. Her music speaks to the audience, caresses, tickles, charms, dazzles, and surprises….it touches the soul.

Nicknamed the New Queen of Ragtime, at her first visit to the Scott Joplin Festival in June 1990, by musicologist and historian Ed. Berlin, Mimi Blais is in high demand because of her charming personality, her deep musicality and her flawless and precise technique at the piano. Mimi received several other nicknames: the Celine Dion of the Keyboard, The French Female Victor Borge, the Carol Burnett of ragtime and the Quebec Liberacette

A concert artist, Mimi is touring and playing, explaining and showing to people why Scott Joplin and ragtime is so important in the history of American Music: Ragtime is the trunk of the tree. Mozart is a Genius… so is Scott Joplin!!

Mimi has recorded several CDs since 1992: Ragtime (1992), Geraldine (1993), Taxi (1998), Old Rags – New Rags (2000), Made in Quebec (2002, with participation of violinist Sophie Rivard), Sunday Morning (2004), Mimi Blais plays André Gagnon (ADISQ-2004), Once Upon a Rag Time (ADISQ-2005, with participation of pianist John Petley), Life is a dream (2006), Silence (2008) and Interlude (2015).

Admission is Free, RSVP Below!

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