José Carlos Valencia


José Carlos Valencia is a classical realist painter and street photographer whose artistic work is inspired by his visible world, the tradition of Western philosophy, Latin American socio-political culture and the Age of the Enlightenment. His artistic goal is to bring into contemporary art, the philosophical and artistic themes of the Enlightenment by means of the exploration of different places, art techniques, cultures, ideas and fears.

This collection is called “Brugmansia Arborea”– handmade acrylics on recycled wood inspired by this beautiful flower that grows wildly in South America. José Carlos Valencia is a resident artist at The Montreal Art Center Club and we are proud to be offering one of his recent works for visiting The Montreal Art Center Club as a momento. The Montreal Art Center supports local artists and acts as a community to foster creativity and achievement. Our new club seeks to reach out and include those who appreciate and wish to understand art and what it has to offer.

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