Folk Fest on the Canal Performers PLEASE RSVP for free concerts (Griffintown Club members get 50% off on paid concerts): 

Montreal guitarist / singer / songwriter Farkas (aka Micky Farkas) amps up to deliver his soulful brand of original folk and  jazz blues compositions. RSVP here!

Folk, jazz, country, served with aplomb by singer songwriter Claire Porter and her illustrious Stouts! Check out her first original album at RSVP here!

Blending contemporary songwriting with retro sounds and texture, Helen of Joy experiments in both invention and re-invention. Guitarist Michal Michalik and singer Jessica Royea, present a stripped down version of songs off their debut album to be released in 2017. RSVP here!

L’Accroche-Pied is an emerging musical group that plays a fusion of traditional music from Quebec and Ireland. Their repertoire includes music from traditional Irish and Quebec danses as well as call-and-response songs, emblematic of music from Quebec. L’Accroche-Pied is composed of Brett Vachon, guitarist with classical roots who discovered a passion for playing traditional music; Manolo Grégoire, a violinist who for the past several years attends jam sessions in Montreal in order to further his interest in fiddle music; and Maider Martineau, an accordionist from the Basque Country in Europe who has taken a liking to traditional music from Quebec. RSVP here!

Eerie, dark, dirty, and raw. With nasty guitar and wailing vocals, The Black Tantra’s acoustic set takes it back to the hillsides where the devil taught how to play the guitar. RSVP here!

Singer/Songwriter because it feels good! Always grateful for the opportunity to cover songs that inspire me or share the ones I’ve written. I play pretty much wherever I’m asked…Try me! 🙂

I can’t promise my music will make it better but I know it won’t make it worse.

Influences: Fatal Illness, Public Enema, Straight No Chaser, Dr. John, Schneider, Purple Martians, Gold Nugget Express, Chris Swain, Fishbone, Township Home, Pickin’ Party & Frank Zappa RSVP here!

Naghmeh and the Southern Shores are Naghmeh, Don and David. They started playing together after an interesting New Year’s resolution, which shall remain nameless, and haven’t stopped since. With Naghmeh’s rhythmic melodies, Dave’s grooviness and Don’s transcontinental percussion kit, the Southern Shores are what immigration can do to Rock n Roll. RSVP here!

The Underground Divas were formed in 2003 in Montreal. Lead by Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist Rick Murrin.
Debut record paid homage to the great Americana bands (Flying Burrito Brothers, the Band, etc.). 2nd record “Freedom House Revisited” presented a more lo-fi stripped down folk sound as well as a change in members. Currently shaping and arranging more than 50 new songs for a new release in 2018. Performing as a trio for the Folk Fest with newest members Omar Sadek (Piano) and Gary Johnston (Bass). Lyrics are front and center delivered from the Heart and Bones.

All info, videos, contact and purchases at their website RSVP here!


Born and raised across the water from Detroit rock city, in the Canadian motor city of Windsor Ontario, this hard rocking bad boy, turned blues musician with a stone cold heart of gold, sings a self made blues about hard times, heart ache, and hard living. Richard William Wright, Aka “The Wrong Mr. Wright” has been using his guitar as a coping mechanism and a tool of expression for longer then he can remember. This self taught, self made tattoo artist and musician, has just recently broke away from the thrash metal scene in which he has been an active part of for many years, to reveal to the world his passion for playing the blues. RSVP here!

My name is Bayrem Lahmar, I am a 20 year old guitarist, singer and songwriter. I like Rock, Blues, all that makes people feel something. I’m new here and came to this beautiful city in March, and I can’t help but enjoy every bit of it. I’m also very excited to play at the Montreal Art Centre. RSVP here!

This three-piece lady string band can be a little tricky to fit in a box. Folk and blue grass are terms that just don’t cut it when you’re hit with the mixture of punk influences and pop sensibilities that make their music shine. The Bats keep everyone in the audience on their toes with songs that swing wildly from tempo to tempo. One moment you’ll be fighting back a tear as the heartfelt three-part harmonies drag you into the depths of despair, only to be blown away moments later when they kick it into high gear, playing at a furious breakneck pace. Written from the feminine perspective, the songs are empowering, deeply personal and unapologetic. It’s this eclectic sound that prompted one fan to give their style a name of it’s very own – Darkgrass. It’s the one label the Bats are happy to adopt. Stop by the next time they’re playing – it won’t take long for you to see just how well it fits.

Above all else, Bats in the Belfry are a hardworking trio. Based out of Montreal, they formed in 2015 and very quickly earned themselves a devoted following. Pop into St Henri’s Bar Des Courcelles (one of their regular spots) and you’ll always find a packed room. When they’re not swapping instruments mid-set, you’ve got Alex on guitar, Victoria on mandolin & percussion and Emily on ukulele. With the release of their first album, Hounded, in 2016, fans finally got the chance to take the music home with them. Their songs present tales of the human condition that are at-once hilarious, heartwarming and undeniably haunting. RSVP here!