Exhibition by Tara Masoumi


Le Canal Gallery

November 26th – 29th


November 27th

6 – 9 pm

“Bird” by Tara Masoumi

This collection is called The Animal Within Us, and is inspired from my environment where I live, the Laurentians, and the importance of preserving our natural resources. At this point of my life, the respect of other beings, such as animals, plants and generally our planet is central in my life and I express it in my work. As an artist, I tend to travel in my inner world and think of different memories of my childhood and I combine them with my environment today. I think of myself as a figurative/abstract painter. I am as much interested in the realities of the outside world as the dreams of my inner world.
Colour is an important part of my art. There are certain colours that haunt me as a woman and those are golds and silvers. Then there are other colours that interests me as a person which are the blues and thegreens.

In collaboration with the Society of the Protection of Animals in Canada.
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