Corporate Art Workshops




  • Creative problem solving
  • Innovative thinking
  • Multidisciplinary thinking
  • Collaboration amongst individuals
  • Exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • Whole Brain Thinking


“The presence and performance of creative people is essential to every organization.The ability to invent, dream, problem solve, craft, and correspond in fresh, new ways is vital to organizational success.”[1]



The fostering of creativity in the workplace is a new and successful way to respond to a quickly changing work environment. Employers and employees must deal with ever-developing technological innovation, the need to stay competitive, and an evolving work-place and societal climate increasingly influenced by financial issues, globalization and a growing desire for diversity, stimulation and change among workers. It is becoming increasing recognized that the skills required to cope with this rapidly changing, complex world of business can be acquired through the creative arts.


The Montreal Art Centre Corporate Art Programme

offers companies an arts programme to encourage the creativity of employees by stimulating their imagination, teaching art skills, fostering the creative process, and providing relaxation and stress relief in peaceful and inspiring surroundings.


What Corporate Art Workshops DO for You

In an art exploration workshop, individuals can explore feelings, thoughts and ideas through the visual arts in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. No special art training or skills on the part of the participants are needed. It is through the process of the art making that personal creative expression evolves. At the same time the artistic process helps develop personal strengths and fosters communication within the group. It helps develop self-confidence. It can be used to identify, explore and resolve problems within a group.

Each three-hour workshop will provide an atmosphere in which participants can relax after their day’s work, let their creativity and imaginations flow through guided art exercises which require no previous expertise. Day-long workshops will do the same, while offering more time to allow participants to enter into a “creative zone” and more fully experience the benefits of the artistic process both individually and in groups.


EXAMPLE SESSIONS (which can be customized for each client)

  • Personal Identity / Corporate Identity

Through specialized art exercises and guided exploration, participants will be encouraged to look at their role at work and how their own personality defines their job and how their work environment can be used to foster their own individual development. Individual development in the workplace pays off for everyone.


  • Exploring Materials and Creating Flow

This workshop will be a series of three-hour evening sessions in which materials will be explored as a way to become comfortable with the artistic process, develop a visual language and deepen the experience of the creative process. In an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere, participants will be guided through exercises intended to help them explore and learn to use the materials in a technical way and at the same time each create a unique product based on their own imaginations.


  • Goal-Setting Workshop – Past, present and future.

In this one three-hour session, participants will each make a collage depicting the recent past, present and near future while thinking of personal and/or career goals. Group discussion will follow, fostering feedback, insight and encouragement.


  • Relaxation and Exploration

This all day workshop will consist of a series of projects to familiarize the participants with various art materials and the artistic process. The morning will be spent exploring art materials of choice and doing exercises with them that encourage right brain thinking and relaxation. The afternoon will introduce and encourage the discovery and expression of personal imagery.


  • Team Building Art Day

This day will be comprised of art activities designed to encourage teamwork and individual contributions to the group process. Using such methods as collage, printmaking and sculpture, participants will make group works of art in a playful, inspiring and pleasant atmosphere. No artistic skills are necessary.


  • Personalized Workshops

Art programming can also be tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

[1] Egan, Toby Marshall, (2005). Factors influencing individual creativity in the workplace: An examination of quantitative empirical research. Advances in developing human resources 2005;7;160.

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