Annie Burgess



Flux: the process of flowing, fluidity, liquefy, continuous change, movement

An ephemeral cosm in flux, Burgess’ work puts the inner workings of our perception itself in a continuous state of metamorphosis while allowing pseudo-objects to momentarily surface to evoke a narrative before dissipating again.

This exhibition is a combination of the paintings, prints and ceramic pieces by Annie Burgess. Her approach to creating is a freeing and hedonistic experience. It is a balance between control and spontaneity. Her works are sublime chromatic ecstasies that splash over the viewer.

Invoking the pleasure of color, the composition reveals itself through impulsive gestures and movements. Left to chance, colors are applied by the act of spilling, pouring and dripping. Lush, impasto marks contrast thin washes of color. Vivid colors bleed into one another, as the natural tendency of the medium flows across the surface, creating layers.

They reflect the process and pleasure of the act of making while seeming to reference biological imagery found in micro and macro universes. Her work not only celebrates color and abstract form but also the freedom and the therapeutic potential of the medium itself. The artwork becomes alive and respected as independent entities, encouraging free association. They invite the viewer to travel inside and to move about the work, communicating with it. Each piece is treated as a living thing going through a birth process and life of its own, continuously changing and arriving at a final product that tells their story.

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