Reni Fee

Born February 7th, 1975

Currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.


Reni Fee is an emerging artist, working primarily in water oils & acrylics.  Self-taught, Reni has been creating art in various forms throughout her life but it was not until 2017 that she decided to pursue her dreams on a full-time basis.


Reni’s work dabbles in realism but mostly gravitates towards expressionism with a passion for the obscure.  Reni is happiest when painting on huge canvasses with colorful thick paint that takes months to dry.  She is inspired by nature & random everyday things that make her smile.


In 2016/17 Reni studied under Katica Sitar and became a member of the Dorval Artist Association.  Her work was exhibited at the “Dorval Expo-Vente 2017” and is currently on view at the Montreal Art Center.


Reni is currently collaborating on a new ‘wearable art’ project with her mother Wendy Fee, a talented watermedia artist.  Reni has always been inspired by the generations of women in her life & by many other strong women each day, past & present.  She hopes to represent this sense of bold beauty in her wearable art, a unique fusion of art and fashion which can be purchased at


“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species.” ~ Women Who Run With The Wolves



Nouha Homad is a Montreal based artist. She has had a career as university professor teaching literature. Homad is also a writer, editor, and free-lance translator.

Syrian by birth and parentage, Homad grew up in Paris, Rome, Cairo, Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Damascus absorbing languages and cultural experiences along the way. She has since lived in Beirut, Amman, Washington DC, Tripoli, London among other places and this has continued to enrich and influence her cosmopolitan vision. She now lives in Montreal, Quebec.


  • March 2016. Three artworks shown at Annual Patron’s Show Fundraiser, Art League Gallery (06-03.03.2016), Alexandria, VA, USA
  • October 2015. Juried exhibition Body Language, Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory (09.10-04.11.2013) Alexandria, VA, USA
  • December 2014. 29 works, nine in private collections. Private solo exhibition, (4-6 December 2014) Amman, Jordan
  • April 2013. Watercolour. Juried exhibition Body Language, Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory (09.10-04.11.2013), Alexandria, VA, USA
  • April 2012-July 2013. Three works. Permanent Collection, Al Mashreq Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
  • February 2013. Four works. Annual Patron’s Show Fundraiser, Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory (06-17.02.2013), Alexandria, USA;
  • January-February 2013. Watercolour. Juried All-Media Exhibit, Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory (09.01-04.02.2013), Alexandria, VA, USA;
  • July 2012. Oil paintings, watercolours, pen-and-ink and wash, and soft figurative sculptures at the Graduate Show (11-16.07.2012), Art Academy, Southwark, London, UK;
  • November 2010. ‘From Darkness to Light’ Exhibition, The Shunt Theatre, Bermondsey, London, UK.
  • February 2010. Watercolour. Carter Perry Bailey Solicitors Launch Party Merchant Taylors’ Hall (25.02.2010), Threadneedle Street, London, UK.


I am an independent Graphic and Textiles artist. I am currently based in Montreal. Before my recent move to Canada I was working with designers and creative textiles makers in London. As a freelance graphic designer, I am handling several diverse local and international creative projects. It is such an ultimate pleasure to enjoy the process of making and creating. There is no limits in regards to being creative and I found myself delighted working with different people in the creative industry, in fact these experiences enrich my design pieces. With a burning passion in crafts, designs and lifestyles I’ve started to do leather craft recently and created a beautiful one of a kind hand cut and hand stitched leather bag as well as leather accessories. Nothing in my piece was made by a machine, this makes it a unique one off modern minimalist piece where every stitch was made with attention and dedication. Made from a sturdy and a careful selection of leather, my pieces are durable and perfect for every day use. Reach me at:

Janet Goldstein is a local Montreal abstract artist. She has a BA in Translation from Concordia University and has been designing jewellery
from the age of 16. Inspired by her family she continues to express herself through painting and the use of acrylics and other mixed media. Janet’s works allow the chameleon in her to come out. Her canvases express her style and mood depending on the beat of what is happening  around her and in the world at that moment.
Janet is self-taught and unafraid to take chances by mixing acrylic and spray paints together. She adds depth and texture with pastes and gels, as well as miscellaneous metals, such as wire, beads or even nails. The canvas usually has a 3D concept pulling its viewer in even closer.  Her influences are motivated by the genius of Jackson Pollock, Joan Miro and Mark Rothko to name a few. Janet’s images are unique pieces designed to stir up different emotions and thoughts from her audience. Her art does not fit into a box which allows her to stay current, excited and passionate. “My canvas, like life tells a story, we will all experience it differently”.
She is currently working on her exhibit at the Montreal Art Centre. You may reach her by email at

Gabriel Gheorghiu is an amateur photographer focusing on abstract and urban photography. He often spends hours walking in Montreal (or whichever city he visits) to find the beauty hidden behind the banality of everyday life.

His photos can be found at

New at the Montreal Art Center: The Griffintown Private Club – contact us to learn more:



Maria Esguerra Brisset was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where she graduated in media communications and later worked as a documentary film editor. She has lived in Montreal for the past 36 years preceded by stays in Mexico City, England and Brazil. Her travels have also taken her throughout the world.

She has followed courses in drawing, oil painting and pottery at the Visual Arts Center in Montreal as well as private classes; and obtained a diploma in graphic design from Dawson College. Presently she is dedicated to painting with oil and acrylic, and having rented a studio at the Montreal Art Center has been able to direct her passion for the production of works of art into a self-fulfilling dream.

She views art as a vehicle for communicating at all levels, and paints what she feels by using vivid colours, movement and organic shapes. Painting for her is a process of creating new realities that enrich the mind and nourish the soul.

Her paintings can be seen at the Montreal Art Center where she has had two exhibits in the past year.


Exposition Au Carre- Mtl. Art Center      April 2016

Stewart Hall Art Gallery-Point Claire       November 2015

Montreal Athletic Association MAA          July 1 – 31 2015

Montreal Art Center                                        February 2015

Montreal Art Center                                        November 2014

Bogota, Colombia                                             December 2012


New at the Montreal Art Center: The Griffintown Private Club – contact us to learn more:

Martin Ouellet est né à Cap-Chat en 1953. Daltonien de naissance, ce n’est qu’en 2006 qu’il décide de surmonter son complexe et s’inscrit à un cours de peinture à la manière du réalisme classique auprès de maître Irena Korosec. Il étudie aussi le dessin avec Jane Kavanagh selon la méthode de Charles Bargue.  Son habileté à percevoir la forme de façon sculpturale se voit dans le résultat final de ses oeuvres. Martin peint dans un style à la fois expressif et délicat plutôt inhabituel de notre temps. La douceur et la précision de son coup de pinceau évoquent la peinture du 19 ème siècle, spécialement les artistes français de cette époque.  Ses peintures ont été exposées à Bohemiarte École et Galerie et sont présentement au Centre d’art de Montréal.

  “J’ai tout appris d’Irena sans qui j’aurais pû ne jamais sortir de mon mutisme. “

New at the Montreal Art Center: The Griffintown Private Club – contact us to learn more:

    A professional educator, Martha has eight years of experience teaching and volunteering within the countries of Korea, China, Thailand, Nepal, and Canada. She has taught an array of subjects, including a year of Visual Art on a reservation in Northern Ontario.

    Martha is currently living in Montreal taking classes in French, creative writing, photography, and printmaking.

Her Personal Statement

    The distinct characteristics of individuals have always fascinated me. From exploring outward appearances to the inner unconscious, my works have included realistic portraits as well as more abstract works.

    Whilst traveling, I have drawn portraits of locals by candlelight in tiny villages in the mountains, by day hanging out on bridges, and by headlamp, laughing beside a broken-down bicycle.

    Currently, I am working on vinyl and acrylic abstract paintings that are very much process-based. Inspired by Andre Masson, my works embrace his theories of automatic drawing intertwined with my own design precision.

     Some of my decisions for placement are conscious, and others are driven by my unconscious. Drawing from the unconscious mind theory of Sigmund Freud, I believe there exists a depth within ourselves that can only be accessed through exploration. Without rigid parameters, things are allowed to grow and change, creating space for the unconscious to become more visible. While these paintings create an outlet for my unconscious, the orientation , the colours, and the shapes all create paths for others.

Her website: