Janet Goldstein is a local Montreal abstract artist. She has a BA in Translation from Concordia University and has been designing jewellery
from the age of 16. Inspired by her family she continues to express herself through painting and the use of acrylics and other mixed media. Janet’s works allow the chameleon in her to come out. Her canvases express her style and mood depending on the beat of what is happening  around her and in the world at that moment.
Janet is self-taught and unafraid to take chances by mixing acrylic and spray paints together. She adds depth and texture with pastes and gels, as well as miscellaneous metals, such as wire, beads or even nails. The canvas usually has a 3D concept pulling its viewer in even closer.  Her influences are motivated by the genius of Jackson Pollock, Joan Miro and Mark Rothko to name a few. Janet’s images are unique pieces designed to stir up different emotions and thoughts from her audience. Her art does not fit into a box which allows her to stay current, excited and passionate. “My canvas, like life tells a story, we will all experience it differently”.
She is currently working on her exhibit at the Montreal Art Centre. You may reach her by email at janetzoltak@icloud.com

Gabriel Gheorghiu is an amateur photographer focusing on abstract and urban photography. He often spends hours walking in Montreal (or whichever city he visits) to find the beauty hidden behind the banality of everyday life.

His photos can be found at https://500px.com/cggheorghiu.

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My name is Maria -Eugenia Brisset and I was born  and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where I graduated in Media Communications and later worked as a documentary film editor. I have been living in Montreal for the past 36 years during which time have also lived in Mexico city, England and Brazil; as well as visited various countries and islands troughout the world. I have taken several courses in drawing, oil painting and pottery at The Visual Arts Center in Montreal as well as private classes. I attended Dawson College from 1998 till 1002 where I obtained a diploma in Graphic Design, and produced my own collection of greeting cards.  Presently I am dedicated to painting with oil, and having recently rented a studio at the Montreal Art Center finally got my passion for art production in the right track. I see the arts as a vehicule to communicate at all levels. I paint what I feel by using colour, shape and texture. Painting for me is a process of creating new realities that enrich the mind and nourish the soul.


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Martin Ouellet est né à Cap-Chat en 1953. Daltonien de naissance, ce n’est qu’en 2006 qu’il décide de surmonter son complexe et s’inscrit à un cours de peinture à la manière du réalisme classique auprès de maître Irena Korosec. Il étudie aussi le dessin avec Jane Kavanagh selon la méthode de Charles Bargue.  Son habileté à percevoir la forme de façon sculpturale se voit dans le résultat final de ses oeuvres. Martin peint dans un style à la fois expressif et délicat plutôt inhabituel de notre temps. La douceur et la précision de son coup de pinceau évoquent la peinture du 19 ème siècle, spécialement les artistes français de cette époque.  Ses peintures ont été exposées à Bohemiarte École et Galerie et sont présentement au Centre d’art de Montréal.

  “J’ai tout appris d’Irena sans qui j’aurais pû ne jamais sortir de mon mutisme. “

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    A professional educator, Martha has eight years of experience teaching and volunteering within the countries of Korea, China, Thailand, Nepal, and Canada. She has taught an array of subjects, including a year of Visual Art on a reservation in Northern Ontario.

    Martha is currently living in Montreal taking classes in French, creative writing, photography, and printmaking.

Her Personal Statement

    The distinct characteristics of individuals have always fascinated me. From exploring outward appearances to the inner unconscious, my works have included realistic portraits as well as more abstract works.

    Whilst traveling, I have drawn portraits of locals by candlelight in tiny villages in the mountains, by day hanging out on bridges, and by headlamp, laughing beside a broken-down bicycle.

    Currently, I am working on vinyl and acrylic abstract paintings that are very much process-based. Inspired by Andre Masson, my works embrace his theories of automatic drawing intertwined with my own design precision.

     Some of my decisions for placement are conscious, and others are driven by my unconscious. Drawing from the unconscious mind theory of Sigmund Freud, I believe there exists a depth within ourselves that can only be accessed through exploration. Without rigid parameters, things are allowed to grow and change, creating space for the unconscious to become more visible. While these paintings create an outlet for my unconscious, the orientation , the colours, and the shapes all create paths for others.

Her website:  marthabilton.crevado.com

Myrna Dorfman started painting in 2004 solely as a hobby. As a successful business woman Myrna was distinguished by being awarded #69 out of the top 100 Canadian Women Entrepreneurs in the year 2008. Taken to panting with the same passion as business, Myrna studied at the Al Razza Art Centre in Coral Springs Florida, and has diversified her specialties, going from landscapes, to abstract and modern abstract expressionism. Myrna has a love for the great abstract artists of our time, the art that does not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but instead is made up of forms and colours that exist for their own expressive sake. Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock are among her favorites. Myrna is now dividing her time between her vending company, Allstar Vending, and painting at the Montreal Art Centre.

Wendy Fee is a Canadian watercolor artist currently residing in Bainsville, Ontario.   Originally from Montreal, Wendy obtained an Executive MBA from Athabasca University in Alberta and a Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management from Fitzwilliam Institute in Dublin, Ireland.  She had a successful career as a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager in the health care industry for many years before deciding to launch her own event planning business in 2009, Chain of Events, which she still operates today as President, Owner and Founder.  As of 2013, she is excited to devote more of her time to her true passion of creating art and to be a part of the Montreal artist community.

Mainly self-taught, Wendy has been expressing herself artistically for over thirty years.  Always interested in painting, she has taken many studio classes and workshops in Canada and the U.S. In 2010 Wendy was exposed to the work of watercolour artist Alvaro Castagnet in Europe and came home transformed.  Influenced by Alvaro’s strong, expressive and colorful style she immediately embraced his “painting with passion – beyond technique” approach to watercolor.  Wendy since has had the opportunity to paint with Alvaro on two occasions and continues to be inspired by his approach and insight.

Wendy paints because it makes her happy.  Through her paintings, she shares a passion for color, fashion, beauty and simply her joy of life.  Wendy is drawn to watercolor as a medium because it has a mind of its own.  She works experimentally with a spontaneous, undisciplined imagination.  She has a high tolerance for uncertainty and has an overriding willingness to embrace mistakes and surprises along the way.  The unique, whimsical, dreamlike watercolor art that Wendy creates can largely be attributed to her ‘no fear-no rules’ attitude; which she has been known to employ in her everyday life as well.

With an innate desire to learn Wendy is currently experimenting in fluid acrylics, and mediums, including  mixed-media collage elements as well. Wendy’s artwork has been exhibited at the Griffintown Art Gallery.

You can follow her work at wendytumblr.com


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From an early age I have had a reverent fascination with the all aspects of the painter’s materials. My approach is twofold: firstly, as an exploratory process of mixing and applying layers of paint and, secondly, applying the medium in a meditative manner. I use pure colours, physically mixing them by hand and using my fingers to apply the paint instead of using conventional mediums such as palette knives or brushes. Colour choices are made intuitively during this creative process. The canvas or board is usually left in its natural state and not primed to allow for the natural grain and colour of the painted surface to show through. The purpose of this pared down meditative process is to allow the essence and natural qualities of the materials to reveal themselves.

Much of my work is produced on a small scale. Larger pieces are often initially composed of smaller elements that are assembled together beforehand. I then consciously deconstruct this larger image afterward to expose the fragmented manner in which perception and memory function.

I have always lived in Montreal and have been painting since I was 10 years old. I feel at times that I was self taught, although my formal education in art began in 1968.

Studied under Herman Heimlich,Marilyn Rubinstein and Leslie Schalk,
Painting should have a sense of mystery.  I feel my work has an edge; something in it that takes a moment, a second look, an effort to comprehend. As with all art, what you pull from my paintings depends on your own experiences – but what a wonderful opportunity to explore emotions in the sometimes bold and sometimes subtle colours.
I love the use of bright and happy tones combined at times with shocking values!



Galerie Sinfonia di Colori, Sainte Anne de Bellevue, Quebec,  September  – December, 2014

Le Canal Gallery, Griffintown, Montreal, Quebec, 2014

Small Paintings Spring and Summer Exhibition Montreal Art Center Montreal, Quebec, 2014

Global Art League Montreal Art Centre, Montreal Quebec, 2013

Big Brothers Big Sisters Exhibition Montreal Art Centre, Montreal, Quebec, 2013

One of a Kind Juried Show, Montreal, Quebec, 2002

Boutique Creations Elin – hand painted room décor, Montreal, Quebec, 2002 – present

Klimintaris Gallery, Ville St. Laurent, Quebec, 1999

Sayde Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Group Exhibition Montreal, Quebec, 1978 – 80

Private Group Studio –painted with listed Hungarian artist Leslie Schalk – Montreal, Quebec, 1970 – 1976

Studied under Marilyn Rubinstein, Leslie Schalk, Herman Heimlich, 1968 – 1980

Private Collections

Online sites




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Martin Dansky, mostly a self-taught artist, has been actively painting since 1977 and since then, has moved through various styles and media with a willingness to explore
vibrant, multidimensional, new themes. He has painted in Italy and the Mid-East and has recently moved from being a naïf-figurative artist to being an abstract painter.
Martin Dansky se consacre activement à la peinture depuis 1977, adoptant
pendant ce temps divers styles et techniques, toujours disposé à
découvrir de nouveaux thèmes vibrants et multidimensionnels.
Il a peint en Italie et a récemment cessé d’être un artiste naïf – figuratif et maintenant fait les œuvres abstraits.

Please visit Martin Dansky’s website by clicking here.

Martin’s artwork has also been printed on clothing, which can be bought here.


New at the Montreal Art Center: The Griffintown Private Club – contact us to learn more: